STRAX Intelligence Group partners with Dejero to create rugged Portable Datalink Device to ensure connectivity in the field

STRAX Intelligence Group (SIG) and Dejero have partnered to develop the STRAX PoDD (Portable Datalink Device) to provide customers with robust, high-bandwidth data connectivity in difficult locations and situations. The PoDD’s ruggedized and compact design is built for maximum portability and to withstand the rigors of daily field use. 

The PoDD delivers secure real-time data, such as video from cameras, drones/UAS, and manned aircraft to the STRAX Rapid Response Platform enabling dissemination of critical incident data to fellow responders, remote command centers, headquarters, Real-Time Crime Centers and other authorized users to expedite decision making and response, saving time, resources and lives. The STRAX cloud-based solution provides a common operating platform designed for, and used by, Public Safety and Government agencies, and private security organizations. The Platform unifies alerts, sensors, data, video feeds and communication into a single software platform to provide real-time intelligence. A fundamental component of the PoDD is the Dejero GateWay 211 network aggregation device, which provides reliable and secure mobile internet connectivity in challenging network conditions and is tightly integrated with the STRAX Rapid Response Platform through an API with the Dejero Control cloud management system.

Dejero specializes in aggregating diverse communication paths and unlike traditional failover or link aggregation solutions, simultaneously blends together multiple wires (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual Dejero ‘network of networks’. Dejero’s ability to deliver reliable connectivity is made possible by unique Smart Blending Technology, which dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time. The result is enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth when and where it’s needed.

Working in support of local law enforcement, the two companies were able to enhance security for the 2020 Orange Bowl and the Super Bowl in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA. The PoDD and the STRAX Rapid Response Platform were used to stream live aerial and camera feeds, along with additional data to remote command centers and vehicles across the multiple agencies that were ensuring the safety of the 62,000+ attendees. Dejero’s technology enabled aggregation of all the available cellular providers into an uninterrupted stream allowing seamless connectivity throughout the weekend and game day, while the STRAX Platform offered unparalleled situational awareness and real-time information.   

STRAX intelligence Group’s CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Adams says, “I am excited to offer this new solution to our customers where I know it can make a difference to responders that are working hard to keep themselves, and their communities safe. Real-time data and reliable connectivity are critical to ensuring the safety of officers and the public, the PoDD provides this regardless of the situation or the location.”

“Our technology partnership with STRAX provides enhanced reliability that first responders need when it comes to critical communications,” added Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero. “Our combined technologies within the PoDD make it a premier solution that will significantly increase response times in emergency situations — especially in remote, contested and congested environments.” 

STRAX Intelligence Group develops technology for Public Safety and Commercial Organizations that delivers real-time comprehensive situational awareness along with video and data analytics. The STRAX Platform is a common operating platform focused on rapid response. By integrating existing systems and data such as tip apps, duress buttons, sensors, and real-time video feeds in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), it improves emergency response times and increases officer and community safety.

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