Share Data & Assets Quickly and Securely

Critical incidents and emergency response often require mutual aid and multi-agency cooperation. X-Change enables secure access to real-time data streams and information across locations, departments and agencies. A solution that is more critical now than ever before.

Create a Rapid Response Network for a More Collaborative Response

Improve Response Coordination & Responder Safety
Share Real-time Information Quickly and Securely
Balance Personal Privacy Issues with Public Safety

Enhance Interoperability

X-Change is an owner-controlled registry of assets and data sources that accelerates the secure sharing of information. Register various sources and systems such as public and private cameras, IoT sensors, drones and aerial feeds, alerting systems, and emergency planning documents. When combined, these create a Rapid Response Network that enables multi-agency interoperability and the flow of critical information during an emergency. Driven by owner-controlled access and full transparency, X-Change enhances crisis management and collaboration for a multitude of situations, including those that require a mutual aid response.

Privacy & Security

Asset owner sets and maintains policies to control access and can modify them at their discretion

Access Control

Only when an authorized agency meets all of the set criteria are they granted access


Asset owners can receive
real-time notification of
use and a full access audit

Powered by our patented EGSS™ technology, owners control and set policy for what, when, and who can have access – defining parameters, constraints, and specific conditions that determine WHEN an authorized agency is allowed access. ONLY when the criteria is met, is access granted. In addition to real-time notifications, a full audit is created with details of what was accessed, by who, when, why, and for how long.

Harness The Power of Planning

In addition to registering users and cameras, pre-load floor plans, response and evacuation plans, and other critical data. Then, in the midst of a crisis, when every minute counts, avoid confusion or delays – with the ability to disseminate data quickly.