STRAX Intelligence Group Releases Version 2.3 of the STRAX® Platform

STRAX Intelligence Group continues to advance its STRAX Platform for public safety and security response with its latest software release. In addition to new functionality and integrations with other key public safety solutions and tools, the STRAX Platform has undergone upgrades to its user interface making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Law enforcement agencies continue to be overwhelmed by increasing amounts of data, ever-evolving technology and a multitude of various software suites and devices. The STRAX Platform fuses all of these devices, information and data into a single common operating platform where key information can quickly be reviewed, shared, and acted upon in real-time to increase efficiencies and make informed decisions that can solve crimes and save lives.

Using the new STRAX CAD feature, users will now have access to critical Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) information during an event from within the STRAX platform, thus enabling better allocation of resources, added situational awareness, and the ability to share crucial information with first responders in real-time.

CAD is just one addition to the list of integrations already available with the STRAX Platform that includes:

  • Gunshot Detection
  • Mobile Panic Apps and Button/Campus Safety Apps
  • Video Management Systems
  • Video Analytics for Vehicle Identification including Make, Model and Color and License Plate
  • Automatic License Plate Reader Solutions

Through its open architecture and robust API, the STRAX Platform can be integrated with many existing and future public safety systems.

Another key feature of the 2.3 release is “Analytics on Demand.” Available on any camera feed active in a STRAX event, analytics can be applied in real-time, including feeds that have been captured using the software’s DVR feature.  Currently, this can identify vehicle make, model, color, and license plate number and state. Not only is this key in quickly locating subjects during an unfolding event, but it may provide the ability to prevent incidents by alerting STRAX users to suspect vehicles that appear in areas where they should NOT be. Using proprietary IER™ (Intelligent Event Response) technology, users can set workflows based on analytics, integrated apps, sensors and more that trigger customizable alerts from within the Platform. The use of analytics within public safety is becoming more and more important to response and investigation as well as prevention. From detecting the presence of guns and other weapons to detecting large gatherings or other anomalies, the ability to apply analytics in real-time greatly enhances public safety’s ability to keep their communities safe.

These enhancements to the STRAX Platform join an already existing set of robust tools and features.  Streamlining processes and critical real-time information into a single software solution saves time and provides valuable situational awareness that can be shared across multiple locations and users to improve response, allocation of resources, and collaboration.