STRAX Intelligence Group provides a common operating platform designed for real-time response. By unifying priority alerts, video and communication tools into one map-based view, the STRAX Platform allows for improved collaboration across agencies and command structures for a faster, more coordinated response.


Expedite Response Time and Enhance
Real-Time Situational Awareness

By integrating existing systems and data, safety/tip apps, duress buttons, sensors, and video feeds from public, private, and helicopter/drone cameras in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the STRAX Platform creates a real-time response network that can be used for incidents of any size. Used by on-scene responders and remote personnel, the software provides a secure portal for sharing data across departments, agencies, and organizations, and delivers comprehensive situational awareness
when every second counts.

  • EARLIER DETECTION & EVENT MITIGATION: Receive alerts from integrated apps, duress buttons, sensors, cameras and more
  • INCREASE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: Integrate public, private, and manned/unmanned video
  • EXPEDITE DECISION MAKING:  Real-time access to nearby cameras in the network in a single, map- based operational view
  • ENHANCE OFFICER SAFETY: Quickly provide responders with real-time information and data
  • CLOUD BASED PLATFORM: Collaborate and disseminate information critical information instantly with all event participants both on scene and remote

See How The STRAX Platform Can Improve Your Response

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