Turning Information
into Intelligence

STRAX® Intelligence Group develops advanced real-time crime center solutions that unify fragmented data and disparate systems into one platform to reduce crime and improve emergency response. Our technology enables seamless collaboration, real-time situational intelligence, and better decision-making so agencies can swiftly respond to incidents and create a safer environment for responders and their communities.

Used by Local and State public safety organizations, government and critical infrastructure agencies, and security personnel, we drive efficiencies that improve real-time communications and responsiveness to mitigate, manage, and in some cases, prevent incidents.

STRAX Response is a common operating picture designed for incident management and emergency response. The solution aggregates information from disparate technologies into a single, map-centric interface. The secure, cloud-native platform unifies live video, sensors, panic buttons, alert systems, analytics, and more into a single picture, providing earlier incident detection and mitigation, as well as expedited decision-making and response coordination.


Integrated sensors and systems drive our patented Intelligent Event Response IER™ with automated workflows to expedite verification and escalation of incidents.


Review alerts in real-time. View near-by camera feeds, data systems, and assets to expedite the proper response. Easily access pre-loaded emergency and evacuation plans.


Monitor and disseminate critical information across locations and departments with real-time access to cameras, aerial feeds, data systems, communications tools, and other critical data all from a single source.

Accessing and sharing real-time information is critical regardless of the type or size of an incident. RTCC’s rely on accurate date and integrated intelligence to monitor events in real-time as they unfold. Having a common operating picture is now more critical than ever before. Watch our video to learn more.

Share Data & Assets Quickly & Securely

An owner-Controlled registry of public and private cameras, sensors, alarms, data, and systems. When combined, this public-private partnership creates a rapid response network that enables multi-agency collaboration and advances mutual aid emergency response.