Turning Information
into Intelligence

We develop technology designed to improve incident response and management, and increase the safety of first responders and security personnel as well as the communities they serve. We unify disparate systems and data to provide situational awareness and foster collaboration. We help you turn information into actionable insights, mission critical data, and investigative tools — allowing organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.

STRAX® Intelligence Group solutions are used by Local and State Public Safety Organizations, Government and Critical Infrastructure Agencies, and security personnel — All working to pro-actively monitor, detect, and respond to emergencies

STRAX Response is a Common Operating Platform for incident management and emergency response. The secure, cloud-based Platform unifies live video, sensors, panic buttons, alert systems, analytics, and more into a single picture to enable earlier incident detection and mitigation, as well as expedite decision making and response coordination.


Integrate sensors and systems to create automated workflows and alerts enhanced with analytics to expedite verification and escalation of incidents.


Review alerts in real-time. View near-by camera feeds, data systems, and assets to expedite the proper response. Easily access pre-loaded emergency and evacuation plans.


Monitor and disseminate critical information across locations and departments with real-time access to cameras, aerial feeds, data systems, communications tools, and other critical data from a single source.

Accessing and sharing real-time information is critical regardless of the type or size of an incident. Making decisions based on accurate data and monitoring events as they unfold, all from a common operating picture, is now more critical than ever before. Watch our video to learn more about us and our solutions.

Share Data & Assets Quickly & Securely

An owner-Controlled registry of public and private cameras, sensors, alarms, data, and systems. When combined, this public-private partnership creates a rapid response network that enables multi-agency collaboration and advances mutual aid emergency response.