STRAX Intelligence Group and Evolve Dynamics Partner to Combine Sky Mantis UAV and Response Incident Management Solution to Support Public Safety Training

July 15, 2021 • Boca Raton, Florida

Late last month, Florida based STRAX Intelligence Group, LLC and UK based Evolve Dynamics Ltd. came together to demonstrate the combined power of their solutions as a force multiplier for Public Safety. Organized by Safeware, Inc. and hosted by The Dallas Police Department, the two-day, hands-on incident training brought together multiple Law Enforcement and Federal Agencies with product manufactures. Evolve Dynamics, with its all-weather UAV Sky Mantis and Infinity Tether provided aerial coverage, while STRAX Intelligence Group provided its Response incident management solution with real-time video streaming for the simulated training events.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, STRAX Intelligence Group develops products for public safety and security that that transform information into intelligence – unifying overwhelming amounts of data from disparate systems to help manage and in some cases, prevent emergency incidents.

The STRAX Response Solution is a Common Operating Platform for incident management and emergency response. The secure, cloud-based platform unifies live video, sensors, alert systems, analytics, and more into a single picture to enable earlier incident detection and mitigation, as well as expedite decision making and response coordination.

Evolve Dynamics Ltd. is a UK based designer, developer and manufacturer specializing in UAV aircraft systems and software for public safety, emergency services, private security, and defense customers.

Founded in 2016, the company has grown rapidly following the release of its Sky Mantis UAV platform that continues to increase operational hours through its deployment with many customers. Sky Mantis is now their trusted, all-weather aerial platform.

Currently, all R&D and assembly is carried out in the UK and the company is working on new products: additional sensors, smaller and larger aircraft, and autonomy software. Evolve Dynamics has opened an office in the USA and is launching state-side manufacturing to provide local builds and support to further expand its worldwide reach.

The Sky Mantis seamlessly integrates with the STRAX Response Platform allowing users to distribute real-time video anywhere in world. This integration applies well to senior officers who can command and coordinate a unit from their headquarters, simultaneously, regardless of where the action is taking place.

“Evolve Dynamics is all about customer focus, so our products are built around the operator’s needs. Sky Mantis’ software is highly customisable to allow its integration with numerous software solutions out there, like the STRAX Response Platform which makes our systems far more versatile than others,” says Michael Dewhirst, Founder and CEO at Evolve Dynamics.

Scott Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of STRAX Intelligence Group adds, “The opportunity to collaborate with industry colleagues and demonstrate our Response Solution’s ability to integrate intelligence from multiple sources into a common operating platform, such as Evolve’s Sky Mantis UAV, in real-world training scenarios is vital to the future of Public Safety. These events showcase the importance of industry integrations and partnerships and help to ensure the safety of our communities.”