EagleEye Intelligence Launches New Safe Campus Solution

April 11, 2018, Las Vegas, NV– EagleEye Intelligence, based out of Boca Raton, FL debuted its new Safe Campus Solution at the ISC West Security Industry Trade Show today. Utilizing the Company’s existing STRAX® Real-Time Tactical Intelligence Platform, the solution provides a common operating picture and situational awareness to both school security officials and law enforcement during campus emergencies such as an active shooter.

The STRAX software platform is purpose-built for public safety and security. It provides live video and data feeds from IP cameras, panic buttons, and teacher and security mobile apps directly to law enforcement during emergencies when every second counts. The software shares information across first responders, mobile command units and/or Real-Time Crime Centers giving everyone involved critical and real-time information all at once. The platform also integrates separate law enforcement features that quickly combine the campus data with live feeds from IoT connected equipment and devices, such as drones, helicopters, traffic cameras, dash and body cams, and GPS trackers to give law enforcement the tools they need to expedite containment and resolution of critical situations.

CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Adams said “As an emerging technology company, we’ve been developing real-time tactical intelligence solutions for law enforcement and security companies for several years. With the recent and alarming rise in school incidents, we’re applying our technology to better protect our students and teachers. Our employees live and work in South Florida and we have personal connections to the Parkland community which has amplified our efforts to bring this solution to market. Our community is demanding improvements and we look forward to contributing to this process and making a positive impact.”

Adams added “Our Safe Campus Solution has five key components that makes our approach unique:

  • STRAX® secure cloud-based platform is scalable, efficient and affordable
  • Smartphone app is specifically designed for teachers and onsite school security resources and has features based on their specific roles on campus
  • Redundant Datalink Package (RDP) offers triple redundancy for communications for each school campus dedicated to emergency responders
  • IER™ Intelligent Event Response System technology provides advanced analytics to enhance identification and verification, augmenting human decision-making and interaction
  • EGSS™ Emergency Gateway Safety System rapidly bridges data and communications from schools to the appropriate law enforcement agencies providing real-time multi-agency interoperability

The EagleEye Intelligence Safe Campus Solution will be commercially released later this year.

EagleEye Intelligence, based in Boca Raton, FL provides end-to-end Real-Time Tactical Intelligence Solutions for Public Safety and Security. The company’s STRAX® Platform and IER Intelligent Event Response technology delivers real-time video, data intelligence and advanced analytics, unifying IP Cameras UAS/drones and connected equipment into one common operating picture for comprehensive situational awareness and faster response during critical incidents and emergency situations.