EagleEye Intelligence and Florida Highway Patrol Announce New Safe Highways Technology Initiative to Improve Public Safety

FHP Implementing New Technology to Assist in Managing Traffic, Accidents and Fighting Crime

EagleEye Intelligence announced an initial deployment with Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) to implement their STRAX® Critical Incident and Traffic Management technology to increase public and trooper safety. The technology integrates sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems)/drones, IP cameras, smartphones, computer-aided dispatch, crime databases, traffic crash scene and incident management software into one common operating platform. This provides real-time situational awareness and enhances command and control and operational efficiencies, while at the same time increasing public and trooper safety.

The technology can be used in multiple ways. STRAX® will aid the FHP in traffic incident management including the use of drones for traffic control and direction. It includes 3D imaging technology including rendering, measurement, tagging and analytical features to more efficiently clear, manage and investigate accident scenes.  The technology will also be utilized to protect the public from fleeing suspects and wanted fugitives, as well as assist in search and rescue, responding to natural and man-made disasters, and the interdiction of dangerous contraband. STRAX® coupled with drones proved extremely useful during post-Hurricane IRMA recovery efforts in both Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.

“We’re looking forward to the initial deployment of this program and believe the STRAX® Critical Incident Technology is capable of helping to save lives and greatly enhance public safety as well as the safety of our troopers,” said Major Timothy Roufa, FHP.


EagleEye Intelligence provides comprehensive Real-Time Tactical Intelligence solutions for public safety, defense and security to improve situational awareness and operational efficiency. The company’s STRAX® Platform and IER™ Intelligent Event Response technology delivers real-time video, data intelligence and advanced analytics and unifies UAS/drones, manned aerial, IP cameras and connected equipment into one common operating picture.

Expertise and professional services include end-to-end integrated UAS and aerial program development, UAS best practices (processes and procedures), datalinks, UAS Regulatory and compliance, systems integrations and full range of training deliverables.