Boca Raton Software & Drone Technology Company Supports Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Recently, drones have been increasingly in the news as being utilized in a multitude of ways ranging from news coverage, power line and cell tower repair, infrastructure surveys, and roof inspections.

EagleEye Intelligence, an incident response software company that utilizes drone technology, sprang into action in the aftermath of Hurricane IRMA. EagleEye Intelligence supported law enforcement and emergency response efforts in Palm Beach and Monroe Counties with search and rescue, fire response, damage assessment and prevention of post storm looting. The company’s STRAX® technology platform is an incident management software for public safety agencies that integrates with drones, other public safety agency equipment and personnel. It provides what is known in the public safety world as a “one common operating picture and situational awareness.” The result is increased operational efficiency and operational effectiveness between responders and commanders that enhances officer and public safety as well as allowing for faster response times.

The company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Adams said, “Over the course of 1 week, our flight operations teams worked 18+ hour days supporting emergency responders in both counties. It gave us a great opportunity to showcase our technology to multiple agencies and provide useful information under difficult circumstances, while also helping agencies during a great time of need in our South Florida community.”