Real-Time Video & Data Feeds for Smarter, Faster Response During Emergency Situations

Quickly escalate real-time video and data feeds from school IP cameras, duress buttons, school officials, security and teacher apps to Law Enforcement. Platform also integrates Law Enforcement equipment including video and data feeds from drones, body cams and other manned devices into one common operating picture for comprehensive situational awareness.

  • Utilizes STRAX Real-time Tactical Intelligence Platform
  • One Common Operating Picture & Situational Awareness
  • Integrated Devices, Equipment & App Alerts
  • IP Cameras, Duress Buttons, Access, Other Equipment
  • Facial, Object, Vehicle Recognition
  • School Official, Security, Teacher
    Functions & Apps
  • Security Operations Center, Multi-Agency
  • Organization, Agency, User Roles
    & Permissions

What’s Your Mission?

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