Professional Services

Our experts work closely with customers to evaluate and implement aerial and real-time intelligence needs to meet your agency or enterprise needs.

End-To-End Solutions

STRAX Intelligence Group’s professional services include the implementation of the STRAX Platform and IER® Intelligence Event Response technology to meet your agency’s requirements. Expertise includes: comprehensive UAS program development and CONOPS (Concept of Operations); and fully integrated solutions including airframes, payloads, IoT devices, communications, datalinks, UAS regulatory and compliance; pilot, type and scenario training; threat assessments; systems integration and support; and STRAX training for live operations.

Applications & Missions

  • Search & Rescue
  • SWAT/Bomb
  • Active Shooter
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Border Security
  • Fire Response Support
  • Disaster Planning & Response
  • Damage Assessment
  • National Security
  • Marine Rescue
  • Marine Interdiction
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Suspect Pursuit
  • Event Planning & Response
  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Accident Investigation
  • RTCC Integration
  • Safe Schools & Campuses
  • Industrial/Critical Infrastructure Security

What’s Your Mission?

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