Smarter, Faster Disaster Response

Comprehensive Real-Time Tactical Intelligence Solution

The STRAX® secure cloud-based platform and IER™ Intelligent Event Response technology delivers real-time video, data feeds and advanced analytics for greatly enhanced situational awareness and improved disaster planning and response.

  • Unifies Live Video & Data Feeds into One Common Operating Picture
  • Integrates UAS/Drone, IP Cameras, Manned Aircraft & Other Connected Equipment
  • Multiple Location / Simultaneous Viewing
  • Accelerates Disaster Planning & Response
  • Improves Operational Efficiency & Enhances Responder Safety
  • Virtual Whiteboarding, Event Management & In-Event & After-Action Playback
  • STRAX Mobile App: Responder Tracking, Live Video Uploads & Streaming, Map Annotations
  • EGSS Emergency Gateway Safety System Enables Multi-Agency Interoperability

Ruggedized Portable Communications Solution

The Portable Deployment/Datalink Pack (PDP) supports multiple datalink options including bonded cellular, Wi-Fi/radio, mesh, and satellite.


  • Watertight, Ruggedized Case
  • Delivers Real-time Video and Data Streams to and from the STRAX Platform
  • View & Stream Video Locally
  • Secure Bonded Cellular with Wi-Fi/Radio, Mesh, & Satellite Options
  • VOIP, ROIP, Chat Communications
  • Includes GPS Tracker, AC or 12V Vehicle Power

Multi-Agency Interoperability

The STRAX Platform provides real-time connectivity and a common operating picture designed to support Emergency Operations by delivering simultaneous live video streams throughout the state. From staging of supplies, pre-storm inspections, and monitoring evacuation traffic to post-disaster response: PLAN, DETECT AND RESPOND quickly and efficiently.

Reliable Connectivity

EagleEye Intelligence provides secure and reliable mission-critical datalink solutions that offer multiple connectivity solutions enabling redundant pathways that maintain connectivity even during times of high congestion and cellular outages.

What’s Your Mission?

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