Implementing Technology for Smarter, Faster, Event Response

More now than ever before in history, today’s communities face greater challenges in providing a safe and secure environment for their citizens.  Communities expect their Police and Sheriff Departments to know which technologies are best to help plan, detect, and respond to threats as, or before, they occur.  Preparation is key, as there may be little to no warning given. There is also a duty to be fiscally responsible with public funds and to utilize existing data networks, storage, and video cameras that may already be in place. EagleEye Intelligence’s STRAX® Platform accelerates rapid response to crime and increases the safety of communities by delivering relevant, real time, tactical intelligence and enhanced situational awareness all on one common operating platform.

The Safe Communities Initiative is designed to assist progressive agencies in implementing technology to improve responses to crime and critical incidents such as search and rescue, disaster and active shooter.  The STRAX® Platform accelerates response while increasing operational efficiency when responding to critical incidents, crimes in progress, or for resource planning to prevent crimes.  Alerts can be resolved much more quickly for example, with the use of integrated cameras, video and data analytics.  Operationally, video and data analytics can also be expediently utilized to identify trends for effective resource planning of patrol zones and tasks forces, potentially reducing or eliminating crimes before they can occur.  Crime Analysis Units can efficiently search through large stores of video and other data in minutes to produce bulletins and BOLOs.  All this information can be shared with authorized recipients without requiring additional computer servers, complicated software downloads, or adding additional tasks to IT personnel duties.

To accomplish this objective, EagleEye Intelligence utilizes an approach that supports the agency’s response to Critical Incident Management (CIM), allows for the use of Aerial Platforms (UAS/Drones) and advances the development of a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) capabilities to provide:

  • A hub of intelligence that integrates agency, city, state and federal data sources
  • Instruments to contextualize and summarize information that provide actionable intelligence
  • Command and control of live events and crimes in progress
  • Tools and features for analysis and investigation to prevent and solve crimes
  • Technology to discover patterns that identify potential emerging issues
  • Features to support incident pre-planning, and after-action review and analysis

We believe in a simple, measured approach, focused on building on existing technology, processes, procedures and knowledge.


We begin by focusing on an immediate challenge where safety and security are of concern, targeting a specific area in your jurisdiction. Utilizing existing equipment (where possible) and devices integrated with the STRAX® Platform, demonstrate a timely and measurable improvement in key metrics.  A downtown, shopping area, business district or other public gathering area should be considered.  This area will serve as the test bed for the solutions, processes and procedures for improving an agency’s response to the specific incidents that are of greatest concern (e.g., burglaries).  Selected private business or residential accounts within this area may also be integrated into STRAX® as a force multiplier.  These accounts will be pre-authorized to only allow video pull requests through a secure portal with proper credentials.

We believe that the knowledge you have of your Community is the most valuable input into implementing the STRAX® Platform and how best to serve and protect your citizens. You know where the “trouble spots” are that need special focus, and where having technological tools and advanced analytic capabilities would truly make a difference, because your officers cannot be at the scene of every crime when it occurs. With enough data and intelligence, your agency may be able to predict or prevent a crime before it occurs.

Let’s work together to make your community safer. Contact us today to learn more and for a demonstration of the STRAX® Platform.


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