Improve detection, expedite verification and response time, while enhancing situational intelligence for improved response and threat neutralization.

STRAX Intelligence Group delivers solutions that enable response planning, improved incident response, and after-action event review. Working closely with our customers, we identify scalable and adaptive solutions that meet organizational priorities, unify legacy systems, data and new technological solutions — and that can be deployed in phases in accordance with their vision.

The STRAX Platform provides a single, map-based interface that unifies information from numerous systems and data stores, live video and data feeds, and real-time responder information assisted by AI such as video and data analytics.

Reduce Incident Response Times • Enhance Responder & Community Safety • Improve Situational Awareness • Enable Interoperability & Dissemination of Information • Improve Data Analysis

Public Safety

Accelerate public safety response by integrating safety/tip apps, duress buttons, and sensors with real-time video and data feeds from public, private, and school cameras into one common operating platform for comprehensive situational awareness. Securely and easily disseminate information and collaborate across departments, agencies, and schools. Used by Dispatch, Real-time Crime Centers (RTCC), Strategic and Uniform Operations.

  • Collaborate and Disseminate Critical Information in Real-Time with one Common Operating Platform
  • Expedite Decision Making with Real-Time Access to Integrated Cameras
  • Quickly Locate Alerts, Incidents, Cameras and Resources with Geospatial Event Management:
  • Customizable and Automate Workflows based on alert type, incident and user role to streamline activities, reduce work load and focus on critical tasks
  • Supports Distributed and Centralized Operations including Real-Time Crime Centers


STRAX Intelligence Group supports Federal Agencies with solutions to plan and detect potential incidents earlier — and respond faster, with a more comprehensive picture of the situation. Solutions include the STRAX Platform that provides responders with improved real-time situational awareness by providing integrated live video from static, mobile, and UAS cameras, location of personnel and assets, collaboration tools, weather, and real-time aerial and marine traffic.

  • Common Operating Picture & Situational Awareness
  • Relevant, Real-Time Intelligence
  • Multi-Agency Interoperability & Collaboration
  • Improved Operational and Tactical Efficiencies


STRAX Intelligence Group provides solutions that strengthen the security of pipelines, terminals, and facilities by enhancing security operations, increasing monitoring and response capabilities, and improving inspection efficiency.

The STRAX software platform integrates real-time video, personnel location, asset location, and provides a comprehensive common operating platform with real-time dissemination to responders. In addition, the STRAX Professional Services Team works closely with customers to identify applicable UAS solutions whose data is also integrated.  The Professional Services Team can also provide consultative solutions to support long-range Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAS operations for linear infrastructure. This includes data acquisition, data analysis (real-time and/or forensic), UAS equipment, datalinks, and UAV fleet management.

  • Common Operating Picture & Situational Awareness
  • Integrated UAS Solutions Including Live Video
  • Improved Operational and Tactical Efficiencies
  • Ability to Share Event with Public Safety Responders
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