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Tourist season is in full swing across the state  of Florida, and many cities have events and festivals scheduled to draw in their share of visitors.  Given the current climate of the country, law enforcement and city officials must seriously consider the possibility of violence as they plan for event safety. EagleEye Intelligence developed our new STRAX® Platform with this in mind.

STRAX is a critical Incident management software platform that is currently being used by agencies such as the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol. It accelerates rapid response and improves incident management by delivering real-time, tactical intelligence and situational awareness with tools for both pre-event planning and real-time management across one common operating platform. It unifies disparate operational eco-systems of applications, IoT devices, IP cameras, manned and unmanned assets including UAS/drones and advanced analytics into a single, easy-to-use and manageable software.

Using this technology, the following can be accomplished:

  • Pre-Planning — Develop pre-event plans for popular tourist destinations and sites including downtown and shopping areas, and for events that draw crowds from high school sports gatherings to larger art and music festivals. Plans for schools, hospitals, government buildings and critical infrastructure can also be established and saved. Various map layers, including aerial views, perimeters and routes, in addition to assigning personnel and roles can all be predetermined by event. Be prepared to handle a range of incidents from rowdy crowds, drunkenness, violent crimes, to potential terrorist attacks.
  • Real-Time Response, Mission Management & Virtual White Boarding —With the STRAX Critical Incident Management Platform, you can rapidly respond to an incident and quickly plan operations and organize missions in real-time. Rather than white boarding on the trunk of a vehicle, you can load maps, assign resources, define roles, communicate, set-up perimeters, plan routes, stream live video, record and view playback during live incidents — all of which saves precious time. Additionally, you can view, add and track the locations of personnel, assets, devices and other equipment as events unfold.
  • Integrate Assets, Personnel, Equipment and Communications into One Common Operating Picture — STRAX can be integrated with devices and assets you currently have in place. This includes things like, CAD 911 systems, IP cameras, aerial event balloons, manned and unmanned aerial assets including UAS/drones, automatic vehicle locators (AVL), BlueForce™ Trackers, Incident Command Units (ICUs), and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs).  Beyond integration, STRAX provides a powerful communications platform that connects everyone involved in the event — including those on-site and in remote locations, and is capable of streaming multiple live video feeds, providing one common operating picture and enhancing situational awareness.
  • Aerial Advantages and Rapid Response Operations — Another key area where EagleEye Intelligence and the STRAX Critical Incident Management solution really shine, is in the integration with UAS/Drones, aerial assets and related cameras, sensors and other payloads. Our best-in-class team of experts is made up of battle-tested former military veterans, including UAS/drone pilots, instructors, intelligence and special operations personnel as well as technology leaders. Their expertise includes developing CONOPs (concept of operations), equipment recommendations and acquisitions, implementation, FAA regulatory compliance and training. The EagleEye Intelligence team works with each customer to  understand and recommend the best equipment and devices to meet individual agency requirements and needs.  From critical incident planning, search and rescue, SWAT, and drug interdiction operations, to increasing rapid response across your jurisdiction, our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive program tailored to your agency.


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