Real-Time Tactical Intelligence &
Situational Awareness in
One Common Operating Picture

The STRAX® Platform and IER™ technology enhances safety and situational awareness for public safety and security allowing for smarter and improved real-time decision making capabilities. It combines operational and intelligence data into one common operating picture for real-time tactical intelligence.

The STRAX Platform unifies connected devices, IP cameras, manned land and aerial equipment, UAS/drones, multi-agency interoperability, data and advanced analytics to provide one common operating picture, across one software platform for commanders and responders.

It is scalable, flexible and adaptable to grow as your critical incident and event management or Real Time Crime Center needs grow.  For example, add IP Cameras, Smartphones, MDTs (Mobile Data Terminals), UAS/Drones and connected equipment based on your priorities.

Operational & Tactical Advantages

  • One Common Operating Picture
  • Real-Time Situational Awareness
  • Accelerates Rapid Response
  • Decreases Incident Times
  • Enhances Officer & Personnel Safety
  • Camera, UAS/Drones & IoT Data Integration
  • Pre-planning and Real-Time Response
  • Evidentiary & After-Action Review
  • Responder & Commander Communications
  • Multi-Agency Interoperability

IER™ Intelligence Event Response

At the heart of the STRAX Platform, IER Intelligent Event Response technology manages all the data points from STRAX connected devices, equipment, and databases.  It applies the management rules and advanced analytics to deliver the relevant, real-time, tactical intelligence commanders, responders, and analysts need in rapidly-moving, fluid, live operations.

IER™ technology groups include: IER™ Event Manager,  IER™ Rapid Communications and IER™ Advanced Analytics.

Comprehensive Mission Management

Key capabilities of the STRAX Platform include comprehensive mission management capabilities. This includes pre-plans, live, fluid event management, and after action review.  Other features include:  real-time role assignments, live UAS and IP video streaming, integrated advanced analytics, and intelligence dissemination.


  • Mission Planning
  • Event Management
  • 911 CAD Integration
  • Command & Control
  • One Common Operating Picture
  • Multiple Video & Intelligence Data
  • Integrated, Advanced Analytics
  • After-Action Review, Evidentiary
  • Secure & Encrypted
  • Intra-Agency Operability

Equipment Agnostic

The STRAX Platform is equipment agnostic.  Connect any IP-capable equipment including manned or unmanned assets, devices, or UAS payloads

Operational Capabilities

STRAX Intelligence Group offers a wide range of operational capabilities to meet your agency’s requirements and overall Critical Incident and Event Management, Real Time Crime Center, Special Operations, or Mission needs.  Our team of Intelligence, Flight Operations, Special Operations, and Engineering experts can assist your agency in the planning, development, training, and implementation of these operational capabilities. We offer a range of Integrated Command & Control, Flight Operations & Communications options. These include Portable Deployment/Datalink Package (PDP), Fixed, Mobile, Overhead Rapid Response and Tactical Point UAS Solutions for agencies.

What’s Your Mission?

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