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Public Safety

STRAX Intelligence Group provides State and Local Public Safety Agencies the ability to prepare and rapidly respond to critical incidents and develop efficient, scalable and adaptive solutions that meet agency priorities using technology and intelligence for incident management and collaboration, and Real-Time Crime Centers.

  • Operational and Tactical Efficiencies
  • Accelerated Rapid Response & Decreased Incident Times
  • Increased Officer Safety
  • One Common Operating Picture & Situational Awareness for Responders & Commanders
  • Relevant, Real-Time Intelligence & Mission Management
  • Multi-Agency Interoperability & Collaboration
  • Integrates with Real-Time Crime Centers

Incident Management Applications & Missions include:  Search and Rescue, SWAT, Bomb, Active Shooter, Suspect Pursuit, Drug Enforcement, Border Security, Fire Response Support, Damage Assessment, Marine Rescue, Marine Interdiction, Traffic Management, Vehicle Homicide Investigation, and Safe & Campuses.

Federal Government

STRAX Intelligence Group supports U.S. Federal Agencies with scalable solutions. Internationally, STRAX Intelligence Group has joined forces with in-country partners in the UK and Latin America to provide mission critical services to the public and defense sectors.

Incident Management Applications & Missions include:
National Security, SWAT, Bomb, Active Shooter, Drug Enforcement, Fire Response Support, Illegal Mining, Environmental Monitoring, Disaster Planning & Response, Damage Assessment, Border Security, Human Trafficking, and Critical Infrastructure Security.

Critical Infrastructure

STRAX Intelligence Group solutions provide valuable tools to enhance the security of pipelines, terminals, and facilities, by enhancing security operations, increasing monitoring, and improving response capabilities

End-to-end solutions for critical infrastructure inspections include long-range Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV operations for linear infrastructure. This includes data acquisition, data analysis (real-time and/or forensic), UAS equipment, datalinks, and UAV fleet management for improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness, as well as personnel safety.

Applications include: Manned Guard Augmentation, UAV Monitoring & Patrol, Incident Planning & Response, Disaster Planning & Response, UAV 3D Mapping, Surveys, Inspection & AI Analytics, Plant, Terminal, Facilities & Asset Security.

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